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4 Stars, Highly Recommended
“Deep amber/tarnished copper color; impeccably pure. Whoa, I detect all sorts of tropical fruis upfront, from kiwi to grapefruit to pineapple to papaya, that outweigh all other aromatics in the initial inhalations. Entry is lean, focused, tightly wound, bittersweet, sap-like, oaky, and spicy (black peppercorn); midpalate features tastes that mirror the entry but also add in a light honey element that rounds out the spiciness. Concludes medium long, off-dry to bittersweet, toasted, nutty. Lots to talk about here that’s positive.”
Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon
F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, September 2015
96 Points
"Named for the finery one would wear for special occasions back in the day, the six-year-aged Bib & Tucker bourbon has a nose of antiques, new saddle leather, chamomile-soaked butterscotch drops and warm cinnamon-kissed cedar. All the good things you taste and should feel, while sipping a great 92-proof bourbon."
Bib & Tucker Bourbon
The Tasting Panel Magazine